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Air Caster Transport

Aerofilm Systems is specialized in solving internal transport problems. For almost 40 years we design, develop and manufacture air casters and air caster transport systems for internal transportation solutions. This form of transportation is the ideal solution for moving light to very heavy objects in a safe, ergonomic and cost effective way. Using air casters from Aerofilm Systems with an air caster transport system your objects float on an air film, virtually eliminating friction.

Internal transport on air casters will be gentle for your industrial floors due to the lack of point load. It is also ideal for sensitive and therefore often expensive objects because air casters create no vibration during moving. On this website we will give you more information about our air casters or air caster transport systems to move a diversity of objects. Feel free to contact us when you have an internal transport problem to be solved.


Suitable for very heavy loads and fragile, high-tech equipment.


Virtually friction-free, less effort required to move loads and therefore a very accurate positioning is possible.


No floor damage and very low floor load.


Low to no maintenance and easy to use.


Compact, light and efficient design, often smaller than the object itself.

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Because air caster transportation is the company’s sole business we have become experts in this field. We are working with a very competent team of designers, engineers and production specialists. The air casters and the air caster transport systems are designed in-house and also produced entirely in our 1,500 m2 production facility in Eindhoven. Download our brochure if you want to have a summary in active PDF format of our company and the possibilities you have with air caster transport systems.





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Are you in search of internal transportation solutions for heavy objects? View our website for more information about our air caster transport systems or contact us!